Javier Gomez

Light and color are what sharpens architecture

Javier Gomez is the award winning Ambassador of the American division of Maison & Object. He is a highly skilled artist and design specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field who lives in New York City. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is that he seeks to uncover the subtle beauty of coincidence and anomaly found in nature and architecture. His pieces and work inspire others to detach from the challenges and  everyday stress and to connect to their true self, creating awareness of the balance that should exist between the mind body and spirit.

He has since created his own aesthetic observing organic objects as well as the architectural details of the world’s greatest cities, translating these observations into bold, color-centric abstract works. All of these trans- posed into JG Home living, a collection of furniture, home accessories rugs and  bed linen collection launched in 2015.

Javier Gomez not only has had solo exhibitions around the world in cities such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, Monaco, Madrid, Beirut and Hong Kong, but also published two monographic books, “Dimensions” 2010 and “Visual Vibrations.” Furthermore, Mr. Gomez’s list of high-profile clientele include Fendi Casa, BVLGARI, Cassina, Jamie Drake Interiors among others and some of his collectors include personalities such as Hilary Swank, Bill Clinton, Pele, Colin Cowie, Dr. Phil.

Javier Gomez Artist