Sacred Photography

April 20, 2016

Javier Gomez is a New York-based artist and photographer from Panama who has developed his own aesthetic by observing nature and the architectural details of the world’s great cities. His photography translates organic objects and architectural details into symbolic geometric patterns to produce bold, color-centric abstract works in a surreal way so that they become universal. His clients include companies such as Fendi Casa and BVLGARI, and diplomats such as former President Bill Clinton, and celebrities such as soccer star Pele, Colin Cowie, Hillary Swank, and Dr. Phil.

“By adopting ancient sacred geometry into my photographic vision, I create works of art that are inspired by nature and architecture from some of the world’s greatest cities.”

“I incorporate organic objects and architectural details into bold, geometric color-centric abstract works of art in a way that becomes universal. By blurring the lines between nature and the abstract I am able to go through the gamut of color, volume, and texture allowing me to create images that are otherworldly. My work seeks to uncover the subtle beauty of coincidence and anomaly found in nature. I try to inspire others to detach from the everyday ephemera and to connect to their true self, creating awareness of the balance that should exist between the mind body and spirit.”