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We combine technological innovation, knowledge and the art of working with stone

Passionate about Quality Stone

We are qualified professionals with more than twho decades of professional expereince capable of responding to the most demanding production challenges.

We are driven by the desire to provide a customized service and to support our customers in the selection process of a wide range of Portuguese natural stones.

The satisfaction of our customers is essential for us, that’s why we work daily to bring their projects to life, by producing unique and innovative solutions using natural stone.

From material selection to meticulous quality control during production, our team ensures that your project is delivered on time and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our projects are produced using the most advanced technology in the stone industry, ensuring the maximum quality of the final product. In addtion all of our production is carried out within a sustainable environment with highly efficiency standards from block sawing into slabs, to the design of complex solutions using high-end CNC machinery.

Stone Custom Work
Rosso Serrano Stone

JG Solutions

We love to
create unique experiences
for our clients

    An important part of our work is to facilitate the search and selection of quality materials for our clients

    Get to know our Stone Selection

    An important part of our work is to facilitate the search and selection of quality materials for our clients’ projects.
    That’s why we have a wide variety of Portuguese and imported marbles, limestones and granites whose textures and finishes fit any interior or exterior applicaton.

    Get to know the richness and diversity of Portuguese stone and always remember that:
    There are no bad stones, just inappropriate uses! Count on our team to advise you on selecting the stones that best suits your project.

    Portuguese and imported marbles

    Communication with
    our clients is very
    important for us.
    We will work with
    you to define your
    project and

    Textures Collection

    Choosing the right texture can be as important as selecting the colors and patterns for your project.

    From the simplest 2D to the most complex 3D finishes, natual stone givs you the freedom to choose from an almost infinate range of finishes. You can even customize your finish, making your project unique and exclusive.
    Count on our team to help you select the ideal texture for your project.

    Communication with our clients is very important for us.

    We will work with you to define your project and objectives.

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