Javier Gomez interviewed by Tamsen Fadal on PIX 11 News

Four time Emmy-winning PIX 11 News Anchor Tamsen Fadal interviews noted fine art photographer Javier Gomez on the day it was announced that People Magazine selected him as one of The Sexiest Men Alive. Javier and Tamsen also discuss his photography and the upcoming 5th Annual UCP of NYC Santa Project Party December 10 at Clarkson Restaurant.

People’s Magazine Sexiest Artist Alive Javier Gomez

Abstract photographer who has had exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Monaco. Born in Panama and based in New York City, Javier Gomez sees sexiness all around us. In fact, one recent project was called “Sensual Nature,” a collection of plants and flowers photographed “to show their femininity. They’re very sensual.” Gomez also isn’t afraid of going au naturel. “I really like to be naked. I sleep naked, I cook naked, I’m always naked,” the (single!)

BVLGARI – The Light Catcher photography by Javier Gomez

How do we feel when we are in front of a work of art? We enter Monza’s cathedral to find out. The 6th century nears the end, and we’re by Queen Teodolina’s side  wife of the Longboard king Atari, and later Agilulfo. We owe her everything that surrounds us: one of the most important ecclesiastical structures in Italy: The centuries pass, and we witness various transformations. In the 14th century; precious details get added on

BVLGARI 130th Anniversary – Inspiring Architectures Photography by Javier Gomez

Life in BVLGARI editorial for the 130th Anniversary of BVLGARI  by Javier Gomez,  Dec 2014. The beauty of Rome transcends time and space: every view contains a piece of history, takes your breath away, makes your eyes open wide in amazement. Bulgari’s jewelry has always paid tribute to the splendor of the Eternal City. In a precious language, a narrative consisting of gold and precious stones, Bulgari has always told the world about the city

Panamanian Photographer Javier Gomez meets Bill Clinton in New York City

Javier Gomez, a Panamanian photographer living in Manhattan, met former US president Bill Clinton at a party last week, just a few days after the announcement that Clinton will present a lecture in Panama City on June 4. “I don;t believe in coincidences,” said Javier, “We chatted for a few minutes and I know that he is going to bring a great vibe and message to Panama. His message is actually similar to the inspiration

Photographers in Manhattan are dime a dozen, what makes your work any different? Why you? – Creator Magazine

Photographers in Manhattan are dime a dozen, what makes your work any different? Why you? What I believe and makes me different, I focus on connecting people to nature to themselves, which is something that we have forgotten. Especially in New York, the focus is on fashion and sex, dirtiness, blood it focuses on the darkness, which is great because it’s shocking and creates an emotion but an emotion trait for me is little negative. I

In the spotlight… Javier Gomez acclaimed photographer and Artist

Born in Panama City, Javier Gomez moved to New York City in 2005 and pursued what is now a successful career in photography and art. Being creative and implementing his ideas into works of art has always been a big part of Gomez life. “I am a very visual person and since an early age traveling with my parents then as a flight attendant and living in other countries I had the passion for capturing
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