1st Dibs JG Home Living

1st Dibs Partnership with JG Home NY

November 6, 2021

Happy and proud to announced today our partnership with 1stDibs, the world leading online marketplace for luxury furniture, art and jewerly. And also on this occasion the launching of my new collection “The BHUTAN” collection, a series of 6 pieces of furniture inspired by my travels to Bhutan, we...
Essex Daybed at Interior Designer Magazine

Essex Daybed at Interior Designer Magazine

November 6, 2021

Interior Fox Co-founders, Jenna Choate-James and Mariana Ugarte, have carefully selected some of their top design pieces to add elegant form and function to a home office, and Essex Daybed was one of the pieces they’ve chosen and we are very happy to be recognized by such talented designers. “...
Wedding Presents That Will Turn Any House Into a Home

Wedding Presents That Will Turn Any House Into a Home

August 30, 2020

Industry experts share their favorite gifts that are sure to warm any couple’s hearts and home. “We all know my love for flowers, which is why I enjoy gifting these floral charger plates by JG Home Living for Mark With A Spark. Add a personal touch by having them monogrammed, so that the newlywed...


January 18, 2019

With the exception of the Antarctic, snakes are found across every continent and in every habitat. This animal has featured in the collective imagination ever since the time of classical mythology and right up to today’s Hollywood blockbusters. Various different cu...

Mandala Acrylic Table Art Javier Gomez

Sacred Geometry & Mandala Art Acrylic Lucite Tables: JG Home Living

May 28, 2018

“Geometry is the language of the universe. All of us are interconnected.”

Artist, creator, and product designer Javier Gomez transposes mandalas unto furniture. Complex, abstract designs whose focal ...

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